Sunday, May 12

It’s My Party And I’ll Have It Online If I Want To

This year I spent my birthday online and it was a blast! It was my first birthday on G+ and so many people responded I was amazed! This was right before G+ rolled out its new format and I’m glad my birthday was then because birthdays have been moved and at first it was hard to find them. So I lucked out and had the best online birthday ever! I had to write about it, show off some of my e-cards and thank my great friends at G+ for all the fun.

Date: May 11, 19—, Time: All Day, Place: Google Plus

Today’s my Birthday (all day) and what fun I’m having with all of you on Google Plus! OMG, I’d hate to meet you all in person because you are such party animals online that you’d KILL ME in person!

As you all know I love Gifs and images and in appreciation of all of your awesome Birthday wishes, I wanted to show you some of my favorite Birthday greetings I received today. Of course, most of them are Gifs as you know me!

Dolly Piper made an awesome Gif for me.

Dave Sutton made me one of his famous animations!

Sidney Otavio shared at least 14 party-themed Gifs when I got online today that started my online party!

+Heidi Schlotfeldt posted this cheery wish for me.

I know that Google puts everyone’s birthday up but the people in my circles & extended circles are very special to me. Sharing art, writing, science, fun, and what comes along that’s interesting is a lot of fun but it depends on the group of people you pick to do it with. And I picked some winners in all of you!

I’m not just talking about the people in my community either! Not all of you are and that’s okay by me.

What is it about Gifs that isn’t fun? Our brains are wired to love them.

Sometimes Sidney Otavio and I have online “posting duals” where we both compete by trying to post the best-animated Gifs. It’s all in good fun.

People also sent me a lot of private posts. People I don’t have even know like Pinar tek. How thoughtful because I think like me, they see the birthday greetings and decide to share with a stranger. I like to reach out to other’s on G+ and think it’s very rewarding which is why I prefer to have an International crowd of friends. It’s just more fun!

This funny birthday video is from the only person who would ever live in Alaska (crazy woman) Misty Willman. All kidding aside she was one of my first friends here on G+.

I got an awful lot of birthday and anniversary messages from all nations through my profile. All very warm words and wishes. The G+ translator is a godsend I can read their posts now.


Claudinha Aquino always keeps me entertained with posts and sent me this.
I just wanted to Show Off a few of the many birthday greetings I received and tell you all publicly at Google Plus thank you for the fun day online. I never had an “online party” before and it was fun! I laughed, I cried, my computer froze….I got a cramp in my hand…..I realized that cramp and crap are only separated by the letter m….

Just go ahead and read the poem, and thanx again!
The Thank You Friends On Google Plus Poem

Thank you for the birthday cheer
Birthdays’ come but once a year
Glad I spent it with you here
In my heart I hold you dear.

On Google Plus I have no cares
Always glad to see you there
Finding lots of posts to share
An International affair.

♥Bekkie Sanchez 2013 G+

Thanks again and Keep On Bloggin’!

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