Friday, July 1

Using Photoshop On X-Rays

To get these simple, yet elegant X-Ray pictures shown in this blog Photoshop was used to tweak the X-Rays after they were taken.
x-ray-01 x-ray-02 x-ray-03 x-ray-04 x-ray-05 x-ray-06 xray-glasses x-ray-07 x-ray-08 x-ray-09 x-ray-10 x-ray-11 x-ray-12 x-ray-13 x-ray-14 x-ray-15 x-ray-16 x-ray-17 x-ray-18 x-ray-19 x-ray-21 x-ray-22 x-ray-23 x-ray-24 x-ray-25 x-ray-26 x-ray-27 x-ray-28 x-ray-29 x-ray-30 x-ray-31 x-ray-33 x-ray-34 x-ray-35 x-ray-36 x-ray-37 x-ray-38
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